The Black Watch

“Crying All The Time!” b/w “One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” and “Much Of A Muchness”

“Crying All The Time!” transports TBW into the realm of glorious pop psych, launching listeners into its stream of soaring, sonic splendor (and mellotronic majesty, courtesy of ex-BJM keyboardist Rob Campanella). Undoubtedly the first and only song to offer up such sumptuous words as delirious, imperious, mysterious, insidious and perfidious in a single set of lyrics.

“One Hundred Million Times Around The Sun” conveys its cosmic trippiness in title alone, then delivers in spades with mind-twisting backwards guitars and soothing promises of everlasting bliss. “Much Of A Muchness” purrs along like a pristine engine fueled by no-knock, high-octane acid, serenaded by seraphic vocals and glimmering guitars. 

Singles are pressed on 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl records.

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