Hypnotic Bridge Records exists to support today’s most exciting and interesting psychedelic bands.

Devoted to the 7-inch, vinyl, 45-rpm format, the label specializes in bringing glorious psych-pop singles to fans, DJs, and collectors of psychedelic artifacts.

Records are pressed in limited-edition quantities of 500 per single and often represent a band’s most psychedelic, 1960s-inspired sounds.   

Forged in the vibrant psych scene of Southern California, Hypnotic Bridge is part of a dynamic counterculture that includes not only music, but art, fashion, unique venues, and other forms of collective inspiration.

Inspired by Deram, the subsidiary label of Decca Records that released legendary singles by some of Britain’s most amazing psych-pop bands throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, Hypnotic Bridge aims to craft a collection of vinyl treasures that will blow minds for decades to come.