The Mad Walls

The Mad Walls evolved from the personal recording project of Los Angeles singer/songwriter and guitarist Christopher Mercado in 2016. With the addition of drummer Johnathan Martin and bassist Nicole Smith, the trio began making music that reflects their shared influences, from the sonic pioneers of 1960s psychedelia to the bands that have kept the spirit alive, including The Pink Floyd, The Electric Prunes, The Velvet Underground, and Radiohead. Literary inspiration from George Orwell to Kurt Vonnegut (Cat’s Cradle and Player Piano in particular) also help shape the vision of Christopher's songs. 

Blending styles and adding new dimensions in their frenetic pursuit of mind-melting music, The Mad Walls have honed their craft with continual live performances, joining some of the most notable contemporary psych bands on stage at venues throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Sometimes joining the band on stage (as well as in the studio), multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman (Triptides, Levitation Room) brings keyboard magic to the Mad Walls sound. 

In August of 2017, The Mad Walls’ debut album, “Somewhere Anywhere,” was released on Tim Presley’s (White Fence, Drinks) Birth Records. The release of the “It Turns” b/w “Eternal Light” single on Hypnotic Bridge sets the stage for a new, full-length album planned for 2019.