The Creation Factory

An essential element of the Los Angeles psychedelic scene and self-described “spot-on mid-‘60s-style rock ‘n’ roll group,” The Creation Factory began blowing minds in early 2015 with their stunning debut at East L.A.’s Everydaze Music. 

Inspired by both The Creation and The Factory (the legendary ‘60s British bands, not the legendary ‘80s British record labels), the group was formed by Shane Stots (bass, vocals) and Iggy Gonzalez (drums, vocals), who also play in Mystic Braves. With the addition of Gabe Pacheco (guitar, vocals), Neil Soiland (fuzz guitar, vocals) and Glenn Brigman (organ), The Creation Factory quickly became a transcontinental sensation, releasing their first full-length album on Lolipop Records in late 2018.